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Super Charge Your Podcast:
Build Your Podcast and Live Streaming Into Your Own Business
with Super Joe Pardo

Super Charge Your Podcast: Podcast Coaching, Live Stream Coaching, Video Resources, and Private Community

Turn your podcast and live stream (or idea for a podcast) into a business, build a stronger community, make more money with your show, and gain more notoriety than ever before!
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Go from this...

  • I have an idea for a podcast but I don't know where to start and need more one on one help to get it launched.
  • Working endlessly at promoting and recording and uploading, promoting and recording and uploading, and feeling like it's a hamster wheel with no end
  • Sinking more and more money into what's meant to do great things for you, but instead is starting to feel like an expensive hobby...
  • Dreaming about one day being able to break even or better yet, generate some revenue, somehow, someway, from this podcast
  • Wondering if your message and your content REALLY IS worth it, since you've been at it long enough to get what you feel is better traction than what you have so far....

To this!

  • Feeling super excited to get on that microphone, knowing that there's people out there financially supporting you, your time and your effort because they NEED your content....
  • Creating income-generating products, services, and/or events that your audience can't wait to get their hands on
  • Growing your audience at way more than a snail's pace...with a strategy and consistent content that your listeners can't wait to share...
  • Bringing in a consistent income from simply sharing your know-how, stories, interviews and/or commentary...

What Do You Get When You Super Charge Your Podcast?

Community (Launches July 3rd)

Entry into a growing community of passionate podcast creators in our private Super Circle Facebook Group. If you have a question, you will have priority access to Super Joe and the rest of the community to get answers as quickly as possible. There will be private content created just for the Super Circle by Super Joe to help you along your journey in podcasting dominance!

1-on-1 Calls With Super Joe Pardo

Super Circle members get 1-on-1 calls with Super Joe Pardo to help scheme and accelerate your podcasting efforts. You'll receive one call for every six months of being a subscribed member to the community. If you feel you need additional help you can sign up as a Super Member and receive 3 months of private coaching.

2 Weekly Group Calls and Exclusive Content

Super Joe wants to help bring the SUPER out of you and keep you on the path to podcasting success. You can join Super Joe for group calls that currently include a motivational call to help you keep your mindset in place and stay MOTIVATED. The second call is a Q&A call where you will be able to get priority access to getting answers to your questions to help push your efforts forward faster.

150+ Hours of Podcasting Resource Videos

Take your podcasting education to the next level by diving into the Indie Pod University 100+ hours of podcasting educational videos and growing daily! Everything from podcasting tech, podcast recording, SEO, social media and so much more is included for you to do solo learning.

Exclusive Tutorials and Workshops

You will have access to exclusive live workshops, recordings of those workshops, and tutorial videos that walk you through step-by-step on how to transform your podcast into your business. All of the videos are watchable on this website to be able to learn at your own pace.

Don't Have A Podcast Yet?

We got you covered with video tutorials to get you up and running with your podcast quickly so you can start putting in the reps to getting good on the mic sooner rather than later!

What Do Other's Have To Say About Indie Pod and Super Joe?

  • We chose to launch Poddit at MAPCON5 (2019). We sponsored Super Joe, rushed really hard to get it out there. Joe and the ICON team were fantastic at supporting us, getting us going, and really helpful in getting the community to engage with us. It was a really great decision and we’d 100 times over again!

  • Hi Joe, I joined the Indie Podcasters Facebook group a couple of months ago, and I just wanted to say thank you for what you do with this group. I’ve been watching the various training on and off as I can, and it seems that you’ve really created an amazing community of genuine people who support each other. I’m excited to be dipping my toe into it and hopefully I’ll make it to an “in life” conference one of these years, or be able to join one of your masterminds. I really enjoy podcasting so I assume this is just the start of my journey with it. 😉 Thank you again for your help along the way.
    Brandy Heyde Montague
    for animals. FOR EARTH.
  • Make The Grade
    So many people I have met through the ICON family. I know I would not be where I am with my podcasting efforts without Super Joe and the group he has built.
    Dr. Steven Greene
    Make The Grade
  • Bofta Yimam
    The networking, the people and the relationships that I built here I can imagine will last for years. I was thrilled to be there, and be in this awesome environment that Joe has put together.
    Bofta Yimam
    Emmy® & Murrow Award-Winning Journalist
  • Good morning Joe,
    I hope that you are taking a few days of well-deserved rest after leading such an AMAZING event!
    Thank you so much.  The location was stellar, and the attendees were warm, engaging and generous with sharing their knowledge to the MAPCON folk. 😀
    To put it simply:  It was an AMAZING experience, and I am looking forward to next year!
    Joe, I truly believe that the best is yet to come for your vision, and I am excited to have been a part of the journey.  Thanks so much and I'll be spreading the word!
    Stephanie Y Cole
    Social Media Flight
  • John
    These are the types of podcasting events that I enjoy. They are smaller, easier to connect with other podcasters, and the content is a little more 'packed and ready' than the 'buy my product' conferences.
  • Podcaster Annise Mabry
    Thank you again so much for giving me the opportunity to cross a long-awaited dream off my #PodcastingBucketList. I plan on practicing a lot more because one day...I'm going to be a podcast keynote speaker somewhere (yep, just added three more items to my 2015 Podcast Bucket List). :-)
    Dr. Annise Mabry
  • Thank you for putting on such an awesome event.  I loved being there and meeting all of those great people.  I am already looking forward to next year's and hopefully getting together with you and some of the other participants in the meantime.
    Mathew Passy
    Audit My Podcast
  • Podcaster Christopher Peterson
    Had a great time! It was intimate in a way that gave me plenty of time and opportunity to meet a bunch of great people. Also loved the speakers.
    Christopher Peterson
  • Moms with Dreams Podcast Host Erica Blocker
    Hi Joe! I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you for all that you do. Attending MAPCON was exactly what I needed to get back on track. Thank you again!!
    Erica Blocker


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About The Founder of Indie Pod Con: Super Joe Pardo

Super Joe Pardo

Super Joe Pardo, a New Jersey-based business coach. He coaches entrepreneurs and consults to multi-million dollar businesses all over the world helping them with their team, offer and process to produce growth. Super Joe has always believed that society starts with you, and that to change society you must first change how you think.

In early-2014, Joe decided to leave his family’s $100 million business and pursue his dreams of owning his own business. Joe Pardo founded the motivational Dreamers Podcast to build his platform of helping others pursue their dreams.

By 2018, Super Joe is an award-winning podcaster (Business with Super Joe Pardo), business owner and best selling author. Speaking all over the country to business owners and even at the United Nations in 2016.

In 2019 Super Joe started production of his own TV show, The TOP with Super Joe Pardo.

Find out more about Joe Pardo at!

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