Free Live Virtual For Podcasting For Beginners, June 13, 2020 - Independent Podcast Conference

podcasting for beginnersFree Live Virtual Podcasting For Beginners Conference
June 13, 2020

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Schedule (IN EDT)

JUNE 13, 2020 Title Website Linkedin
9:00 AM Welcome
9:10 AM Regena Rosa-Celeste Start with YES!
9:30 AM Steven Safak 13 things to get crystal clear on beofre you launch your podcast
9:50 AM Nicole Christina Not Just Chatting; How to Become a Great Podcast Interviewer
10:10 AM Robert Thibodeau Tips On Conducting Great Interviews
10:30 AM Rosanna Catalano Learn from Me:  A humorous look back on my mistakes in podcasting
10:50 AM Steven Greene You are already an expert – .(you just don’t know it yet)
11:10 AM Josh/Erik Cary/Cabral Activate Your Audience with Clarity of Your Message
11:30 AM Ross Brand Leverage Video from Episode 1
11:50 AM Jamie Palmer Make Social Media Simple – Building Your Online Business Ecosystem
12:10 PM Kyle Bondo Story Hunting – How To Design Good Content
12:30 PM Nathan Peo Your story is never completely finished until you are dead
12:50 PM Timothy Brien Fred Roger’s Approach to Podcasting
1:10 PM Brett Allan How to Book the Guest of Your Dreams
1:30 PM Larry Roberts 1+1=Podcast: Simplifying the Equation of Podcasting Success
1:50 PM Jason Piccolo Preparing for an interview based show
2:10 PM Alex Ivanov Phone and Selfie Stick is All You Need
2:30 PM Ambition  Harper Storytelling Help For Podcasting
2:50 PM Tim Gillette The Simple Easy Money making plan to get started.
3:10 PM Dave Jackson How to KNOW (not guess) WHO you are talking to
3:30 PM Jeni Wren Stottrup Getting your creative juices flowing with launch planning
3:50 PM Mathew Passy Remote Recording in 2020
4:10 PM Carrie Caulfield Arick Know Your Why: Crafting a Killer Mission Statement
4:30 PM Robert Greenlee TBA TBA TBA
4:50 PM Wrap Up
Free Virtual Event June 13
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