Free Virtual Independent Podcast Conference 2020 March 28-29, 2020 - Independent Podcast Conference
Virtual Podcast Conference

Free Virtual Independent Podcast Conference 2020
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Day 2 Part 2 (Recording)

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MARCH 28, 2020 DAY 1

9:00 AM Introduction
9:10 AM Mark Asquith The Listener Acquisition Flow – The ONE Marketing Concept That All Podcasters Need to Understand
9:32 AM Nicola Wilkes The Difference Between Clinique And Where’s Wally, And Why It Even Matters’
9:54 AM Robert Thibodeau How To Leverage Other Audiences to Grow Your Podcast
10:16 AM Tom Tate Embracing your Audio Advantage in Uncertain Times
10:38 AM M. Chastain Mindfulness & Ritual for Podcasters
11:00 AM Clayton Groves Tired of hiding in your basement? Getting the “Media” to bring your pod into the light?
11:22 AM Lew Hastings Silencing Your Inner Imposter
11:44 AM Erica Blocker Stop Waiting To Be Perfect – You’re Good Enough Right Now
12:06 PM Steven Greene Staying topical through communication with your listeners
12:28 PM Jenna Spinelle Think Like a Journalist to Grow Your Audience
12:50 PM Zack Miller Anomaly: How to Finally Stand Out from the Crowd
1:12 PM Jeni Wren Stottrup Streaming for the Covid 19 Era
1:34 PM Karen Yankovich How to use LinkedIn to Monetize Your Podcast
1:56 PM Maxwell Ivey Overcoming adversity as a podcaster and continuing to move forward
2:18 PM Bill Nowicki Why local podcast are needed more than ever
2:40 PM Loren Weisman Strategic and authentic messaging and optics tips for your podcast and you.
3:02 PM Ross Brand of LiveStreamUniverse, Rob Greenlee of Libsyn, Geige Vandentop of StreamYard, and author Jennifer Quinn of “Leverage Livestreaming to Build Your Brand.” Live Streaming for Podcasters: How to use Live Video to Elevate your Podcast & Business
3:30 PM Jason DeFillippo / Christopher Lochhead Creating Top 50 Podcasts
4:00 PM Jordan Harbinger Niche or Not?
4:22 PM Stephen Davis Craft a YouTube Strategy for Your Podcast that Works
4:44 PM Ashley Chaney The Secret to Connected Conversation – How to Get Your Guests to Open Up
5:05 PM Todd Cochrane RSS In a Modern Podcast Era
5:35 PM Wrap up Day 1


MARCH 29, 2020 DAY 2

8:00 AM Introduction
8:10 AM Danielle Coulter Dream It; Live It!
8:33 AM Jacques Sadler Breaking Out Of Mediocrity & Becoming Our Own Miracle
8:56 AM Regena Rosa Celeste Pssst…want Inner Peace? Walk this way!
9:19 AM Jodi Krangle Why Audio Branding is Important for your Podcast
9:42 AM Dominique Mason Press Record and DO YOU! It’s Your Thing, Do What You Wanna Do.
10:05 AM Vicki Ariatti Your Body is Hardwired to Heal Itself
10:28 AM Kyle Bondo Stop Podwrecking: Design Your Podcast First!
10:51 AM Mathew Passy Think Big By Podcasting Small/Local
11:14 AM Larry Roberts Overcoming Post Event Comparanoia
11:37 AM Win Charles Getting Guest: just ask
12:00 PM William Eastlack Stop dreaming, do it.
12:23 PM Vickie Gould How to Attract a Lineup of Ideal Clients Simply by Sharing Your Stories
12:46 PM Carrie Caulfield Arick People Breathe: The Art of Editing the Interview
1:09 PM Gordon Firemark Is your podcast legally sound?
1:32 PM Jessica Dewell How do you spark creativity?
1:55 PM Fabienne Raphael Mastering the Art of Getting Influencers for your Podcast to ignite your Business, Relationships and Reputation
2:18 PM Chel Hamilton Using Essentialism to Cut Through the Noise of Choice, Overwhelm, and FOMO in Your Life AND Your Show
2:41 PM Eric Hunley, Emily Prokop, Jeffrey Bradbury Podcast Editing Basics
3:10 PM Jen Sugermeyer “From the eyes of the guest- do’s and don’ts to podcasting”
3:33 PM Veronica Davis How to Do Market Research for Your Podcast
3:56 PM Kyle Weckerly Know Your Guest
4:19 PM Kevin McCove Adding Practical value being a Practitioner of your Practice
4:42 PM Tim Gillette Repurpose your content: How to Create content and use it everywhere.
5:05 PM Annett Bone Creativity and Mindset Amidst A Chaotic Time
5:28 PM Adam Lewis Walker How To Secure & Smash Your TEDx Talk (Not affiliated with TED)
5:55 PM Day 2 Wrap Up

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